Architects, Consultant Engineers
& Registered Valuers

Our clients are not just satisfied, they are delighted!

I am very much satisfied with the structural design & consulrancy services given by M/S A. V. Joshi & Associates for my residential as well as commercial projects.

—Shri. Ravikant Patil, Ex. MLA.

Safe, stable & balanced structural design is the basic need of any structure. I achieved the same by A. V. Joshi & Associates in my various projects.

—Shri. V. T. Kota, Solapur

We are very happy with the architectural planning, structural designing & execution services provided by M/S. A. V. Joshi & Associates, Solapur.

—Mr. & Mrs. V. N. Deshmukh, Jalna

Completely satisfied with M/S A.V. Joshi and Associates. They provided top quality construction services like architectural planning, structural designing, execution & valuation.

—Shri. Santosh Kulkarni, Solapur

A multistoried commercial complex building Nandini Complex at Subhash Chouk, Solapur was designed by M/S A. V. Joshi & Associates. I am satisfied with the structural design services provided by them.

—Er. Prabhakar S. Chippa, Solapur

My newly constructed home designed and executed by Er. A. V. Joshi and Devdutt Joshi. I am very much satisfied and pleased with the results.

—Shri. M. V. Kedare, LIC, Jalna